Clinique Dentaire ADF: Daycare visits

Les visites en garderie

A project we are proud to continue this fall is our visits to local daycares to teach children the importance of oral health and proper nutrition.

With our daycare visits, we are trying to help prevent early childhood tooth decay. Did you know cavities are more prevalent in children? Tooth pain affects eating, sleeping, learning, and behaviour. Even pulling teeth too soon can cause problems with chewing, speaking, crooked adult teeth, and general health.

Prevention ultimately starts at home with healthy eating habits, daily brushing and flossing.  We find it necessary to reinforce this prevention and remind everyone, children and adults, that prevention includes a visit to the dentist office.

Daycare visits with the dentist

During our daycare visits, we go over healthy and unhealthy diets for good oral health. We also practice brushing and flossing technique in a fun way by using our mascot Al for brushing demonstrations. Christine even puts on her hygiene uniform complete with mask & gloves to give the children an idea of what to expect when they come for a visit at the dentist office for the first time.

We brush our teeth, we floss, and all have a fun time. Plus the kids all get to take home their very own colourful dental kit that includes a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste.

If you are interested in having Clinique Dentaire ADF come to your daycare or your child’s daycare, please give Lynda Rose a call at 514-453-0830 to arrange a daycare visit.

L’Expérience Invisalign de Christine


Christine’s Invisalign Experience

Q: Comment votre expérience avec Invisalign a-t-elle évolué avec le temps? Par exemple votre routine ou votre manière de manger.  How has the experience with Invisalign changed with time? For instance routines or how you eat.  

A: Vous devez retirer vos aligneurs avant de manger quoi que ce soit (croyez moi, c’est dégoûtant si vous ne le faites pas), alors grignoter à la va-vite n’est pas toujours chose simple. Ne sortez pas sans votre étui! Il a vraiment éliminé le grignotage de ma routine quotidienne. You have to remove your aligners before you eat anything (believe me, its nasty if you don’t), so grabbing something on the go is not always easy to do. Don’t leave home without your case! It certainly removed snacking from my daily routine.

Q: Y a-t-il quelque chose que vous auriez aimé savoir avant de commencer le traitement et que vous aimeriez que les autres sachent? Is there something you would recommend before someone starts their treatment that you wish you knew? 

A: Pas vraiment, j’ai très bien été informée avant de commencer le traitement. Not really, I was well informed before I started the treatment.

Q: Que pensez-vous du processus, de voir l’alignement de vos dents changer? How do you feel about the process, seeing your teeth alignment change? 

A: J’arrive à peine à croire combien c’est arrivé rapidement. C’était vraiment très facile. I cannot believe how quickly it happened. It was really very easy.

Q: Recommanderiez-vous Invisalign à quelqu’un d’autre? Pourquoi?  Would you recommend Invisalign to someone else? Why? 

A: C’est déjà ce que je fais tout le temps parce que ça marche. Personne ne s’aperçoit que vous le portez, il n’y a pas tout l’entretien lié aux bagues traditionnelles & vous n’avez pas à vous inquiéter qu’un bout de votre repas ne vienne se coincer dans votre appareil. I do all the time because it works. No one knows you are wearing them, theres is not all the maintenance of traditional braces & you do not have to worry if there is something from lunch stuck in your braces. 

Q: Autre chose à ajouter concernant le processus avant d’avoir fine? Any last thoughts about the process before you are finished?

A: J’espère pouvoir continuer à ne pas grignoter pendant la journée maintenant que je n’aurai plus à porter mes aligneurs toute la journée. I hope I can continue to not snack during the day now that I will not be wearing my aligners all day.

Q: De quoi avez vous le plus hâte de faire une fois que le traitement sera terminé? What are you most excited about once the treatment is over? 

A: Sourire sur les photos & faire un peu de blanchiment, je trouve que mes dents sont un peu tâchées à cause de tout le thé que je bois. Smiling for pictures & doing a bit of whitening, I find them a little stained from all the tea I drink.

Christine’s Invisalign Journey

Can you see the Invisalign?
Can you see the Invisalign?

Q: What made you choose Invisalign as your treatment?
Christine: The fact that you cannot tell when someone is wearing them is a big draw.  I also remember when Dr. de la Fuente first took us to an Invisalign course a few years ago.  The speaker had been up on stage for about 2 hours before he took out his aligners to show us that he had been wearing them the whole time.  We could not tell during his speech that anything was different.  This is what impressed me, the fact that you could be that comfortable with them while speaking in front of an audience, who had no idea you were wearing them.

Q: What are you using it for?
Christine: I was only interested in some minor straightening of my upper front teeth but we decided to straighten the lower front teeth as well.

Q: How many aligners are part of your treatment plan? How long will that take?
Christine: 13 aligners, that I need to change every 2 weeks, so should be about 26 weeks.

Q: What number aligner are you on now?
Christine: I am on aligner #3 & I can’t believe that it has already been 6 weeks!

Q: How long did it take for you to adjust after each new set of aligners?
Christine: The first day, day and half, they are tight and I have some difficulty fitting them in.  Usually within an hour they are comfortable again.

Q: Did you need to change anything in your daily routine due to Invisalign?
Christine: The only thing I had to give up was drinking tea throughout the day.  I was concerned the aligners would stain. Now I just drink water instead.  It’s probably a lot better for me anyway.

Q: Have people noticed you have Invisalign on?
Christine: No.  You have to get really close to notice. I would say less than arms length away & then only if they are looking for it.  Whenever I tell some patients who are interested in Invisalign that I am wearing my aligners while we are speaking, they are surprised.

Q: Any tips on adjusting to Invisalign you can give up to this point?
Christine: For the first 2 days I would suggest you practice talking or even singing to get used to talking with them. Also keep a bottle of water close by because your mouth becomes dry. Other than that it’s really very easy. I usually forget that I have them on!

Holiday Letter

Dear Patients,

As the Holiday season approaches, or is in full swing for our friends celebrating Hanukah, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage this past year. We are grateful for our patient community, it is all of you who make our work enjoyable and inspire us to grow as dental professionals and deliver the best service possible.

We are looking forward to starting a new year with all of you. We have some exciting new treatments coming and cannot wait to share them with you.

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday season.

Don’t forget to floss!

Your team at Clinique Dental ADF

Meet Christine L


Christine is a hygienist at Clinique dentaire ADF

Christine is a proud graduate of the John Abbott Dental Hygiene program.  She has lived in the community for more than 15 years and has been working at our clinic for the last 6 years. She enjoys many aspects of dental hygiene and likes to keep up to date in all areas of oral care.  She has a special interest in orthodontics and enjoys working with children.

The Team At Clinique Dentaire ADF

We at Clinique Dentaire ADF want our patients to feel they are in safe hands, from entering our office to sitting down with your dental professional we want to ensure that our patients feel fully informed about what is going on in their mouths. Patient education is extremely important to us because a patient should know what their options are and they have the right to make the most informed choices possible.

We have many opportunities in place for our patients to ask questions, be it in the chair with Dr. de la Fuente, or in a more private setting with Corinne in her quiet office across from her operatory. Corinne is there to walk patients through all the options available to make their smile both beautiful and healthy. She is also available to walk patients through their whole procedure. Corinne believes that as dental professionals their job is to “educate patients so they can make the best choice for themselves”. Patients always have a support system within the office.

We also wholly believe in preventative dentistry. According to Corinne, her philosophy as a dental hygienist is to “try to help people keep what Mother Nature gave them, because that’s the best choice and then what are their options if they do happen to loose a tooth”. There is more to your mouth than a beautiful smile, it is the gateway to your body so keeping it clean, healthy, and looking good is what we are here to help you do!

If you have questions about how we can help you from how to replace a missing tooth, puffy gums, or sensitivity give us a call!

Dr. Alvaro de la Fuente, Dentist

Dr. de la Fuente is the dentist and owner at Clinique dentaire ADF located in Ile-Perrot, just outside of Montreal

Dentistry has always been a part of Dr. Alvaro de la Fuente’s life, his father being a dentist. Following In his father’s footsteps Dr. de la Fuente received his dental degree at McGill University and went on to work at his father’s office. Dr. de la Fuente is now the proud owner and dentist of Clinique Dentaire ADF and has been practicing dentistry for more than 25 years.

Dr. Alvaro de la Fuente wants his patients to feel they are receiving the most up to date techniques, thus he regularly attends a variety of dental courses and seminars. He has attended courses on dental implantology, restorative dentistry, orthodontics (braces), endodontics (root canal therapy), bone grafting and oral conscious sedation through various universities and leading dental companies.

When not practicing dentistry you can fin Dr. de la Fuente outdoors hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing. He also loves photography and takes his camera with him on his outings. You can see some of Dr. de la Fuente’s photos in the office!

Jennifer, Front Desk

Jennifer is the receptionist at Clinique Dentaire ADF

Jennifer has been the face that greets you at the front desk for the past 5 years. What you can find Jennifer busy doing at the office is greeting you when you enter, answering calls, booking appointments as well as offering financial arrangements for long-term dental care, such as implants or braces.

She shares her home with her son Nick and their new addition to the family Chico the Great Dane. When not at work Jennifer enjoys the outdoors, as well as cuddling up with a good book.

Have you met Maria?

Maria, has been with us for 3 years, originally from Colombia.

Her claim to fame is periodontics. Our Spanish speaking patients love her as she makes them comfortable being able to converse with them in their native language. Maria, always has a smile and a “no problem” attitude.

Maria shares her home with a wonderful dog named Coco. When not at the clinic, Maria enjoys walking her dog, cooking, and enjoys watching movies.

Cristina Z, dental assistant

Christina can be found chair side assiting Dr. Alvaro de la Fuente

Christina has been at the clinic full time for a little over a year,  she has worked in the dental field for  19 years.

She is Dr. de la Fuente assistant, handing him the right tools at the right time and making sure that you feel comfortable when having dental care.

When not at work Christina enjoys dancing and arts and crafts. She shares her home with her family and enjoys having friends over.

Christina is a dental assistant to Dr. Alvaro de la Feute