3 Things you can do to combat dental fear

how to combat dental fear

1. Talk to your dentist about what makes you scared. Discussing the fear is the first step in tackling it. Together you will be able to come up with a solution that will help you feel more at ease.

2. For many patients, fear of the dentist stems from someone working close to the face and a fear of the unknown as you are unsure of what is happening in your mouth. Something as simple as getting the dentist to explain everything he or she is doing can soothe the fear.

3. If discussing the fear or having the dentist explain what is happening does not work, you may want to consider a form of mild sedation dentistry. Nitrogen Oxide, aka laughing gas, is one way to calm the nerves during a dental procedure. It is administered via a nose mask. One reason patients prefer this method is it can be easily reversed, and you can drive yourself home after. Whereas with other forms of sedation you need to be accompanied by a responsible adult after the dental work is complete.

Contact us today and we can find a solution that will calm your dental fear.

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