The benefits of replacing missing teeth

Dental Implants in Ile Perrot

Have you been contemplating replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth? Did you know replacing missing teeth has more benefits than just aesthetics? Of course, when you have a full set of teeth you will feel less embarrassed to smile, and might even find yourself smiling more often. When you smile more, you give off more confidence and spread good feelings to the people around you. So yes, it starts with aesthetics, but having a full set of teeth has a much more global impact on your well-being.

Replacing missing teeth helps you physically. When a tooth is missing, the neighbouring teeth have to absorb more pressure when you bite down. This uneven pressure throughout the jaw can create pain in the face and cause headaches. The teeth that absorb the extra pressure will become worn down, which further increases an uneven dispersal of force when chewing. Replacing that missing tooth/teeth with either a dental implant, a crown, or a bridge, will help restore a balanced distribution of pressure and you may see those aches and pains or headaches fade away.

Having all your teeth also means having a full bite. Replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth means you can eat hard, chewy, sticky foods again. Many patients report feeling better because they can eat a well-balanced and well-chewed meal. Additionally, your digestion benefits from replacing teeth because you can chew your food into smaller pieces, which relieves the digestive system of putting in the extra effort.

As you can see, replacing teeth has positive physical, mental, and emotional benefits. There are many avenues you can go down when it comes to replacing a missing tooth/teeth. When you book a consultation with Dr. de la Fuente, you can discuss which option best suits your needs and budget.

Give us a call today at 514-453-0830 and start your journey to regaining a full smile.


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