Clinique Dentaire ADF: Daycare visits

Les visites en garderie

A project we are proud to continue this fall is our visits to local daycares to teach children the importance of oral health and proper nutrition.

With our daycare visits, we are trying to help prevent early childhood tooth decay. Did you know cavities are more prevalent in children? Tooth pain affects eating, sleeping, learning, and behaviour. Even pulling teeth too soon can cause problems with chewing, speaking, crooked adult teeth, and general health.

Prevention ultimately starts at home with healthy eating habits, daily brushing and flossing.  We find it necessary to reinforce this prevention and remind everyone, children and adults, that prevention includes a visit to the dentist office.

Daycare visits with the dentist

During our daycare visits, we go over healthy and unhealthy diets for good oral health. We also practice brushing and flossing technique in a fun way by using our mascot Al for brushing demonstrations. Christine even puts on her hygiene uniform complete with mask & gloves to give the children an idea of what to expect when they come for a visit at the dentist office for the first time.

We brush our teeth, we floss, and all have a fun time. Plus the kids all get to take home their very own colourful dental kit that includes a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste.

If you are interested in having Clinique Dentaire ADF come to your daycare or your child’s daycare, please give Lynda Rose a call at 514-453-0830 to arrange a daycare visit.

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